Ideas for a third world country?

by nicolaschris. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    13    9

I live in Iraq and I’m a 16 year old Male. My family is good with money I believe, we have food on our table and a roof over our heads. But I want to make my own money, partly to help my family but also buy myself equipment to further explore my hobbies. As I said I live in Iraq and in a small town too, and I don’t have any money to start something big. Any ideas?



>My family is good with money I believe, we have food on our table and a roof over our heads.

So first world 'meh' with money. Good to know.

>As I said I live in Iraq and in a small town too, and I don’t have any money to start something big. Any ideas?

I am not entirely sure you are allowed to have ideas in the third world -- they mostly post about ripoff schemes involving infringement and cost of living advantages that come out as low ball biding for jobs. Dubious quality at that -- but then there's that third world pitch that I'm poor so suck it up and buy anyway you filthy rich 'firsty'.

It's nice they dropped the imperialist part, lightens up to epithet weight nicely.

Nope. Mostly they post here they want to be the Google of Headupassistan. Seemingly unaware of what WWW could possibly stand for. One looked up and down their street and decided they didn't have what a logistics center just a few kilometers over their border was pumping into their country. Astonishment.

Then there was the guy from Belfast who claimed there wasn't a soccer center when I found several in walking distance and one on fricking Belfast street no less. Google maps only works if you can bring yourself to admit Google exists.

Another wanted to rip off Pyrex by making it in their country. And once again I went to Mr Search engine and asked "Hey there mister search engine, can you help me?" And sure enough I found out where the opportunity was for worldwide business by not taking things for granted.

Of course my faux pas was presenting something that wasn't a mindless ripoff in a country whose chemists and glassware industry was repurposed for production of illicit drugs for shipment into a first world country. But that's more like Afghanistan not Iraq.

Third world is used as a time-out from reality. It should stop.

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Learn about seo, understand how link building works, start building links for people in the west for good profit

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My advice is to get a subscription to one of the many online learning sites, learn some coding skills, and after a while start developing small online services to generate a small but steady passive income.

I recommend an O'Reilly subscription ( They're a well-known publisher of computer books, and the subscription gives you access to all their books and online video training.

Now the problem becomes knowing what to learn first, because today's IT industry has a wide range of fields and can be overwhelming even to those of us who have been in the field for over two decades.

If you want some direction on where to start and ongoing mentoring, feel free to contact me directly via private message.

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You can download apps on ur phone to learn languages. Learn a language then teach it to others for profit.

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Heh mate. Some of the ideas here might not work that well in Iran, seeing you have heavily censored internet and you might find it difficult to trade with the world. I'm not even sure most payment gateways support Iranian rial.

I started a small scale mushroom farm. You can quite easily grow 10kg of mushroom per week in a few square meters. Sell it at a local market. You can do this with very low tech methods, and the startup cost doesn't cost the world, although you will need some money.

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In addition to the great advices already posted (learning to program would be my best option as it allows you to work for others or to create your own gig), check also freelancers websites like or, where you can explore different skills and tasks in demand and find something you really like.

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Learn to program. Find a skill that’s rare and in high demand. Blockchain is still an emerging tech, look into solidity. Find work, compete early on price then segue into competing on quality and service as your skills develop. Build your business; hire others and study business management and structure. A pc and a dream can get you anywhere you want to go, just never quit and eventually you’ll arrive.

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If you have access to a computer then you have access to the world. Think of something you can do online that produces income. For example, you can teach yourself how to be a graphic designer with YouTube/google, you can buy or pirate photoshop, and then you can sell your photoshop services to people all over the world. My boyfriend recently purchased a computer graphic picture of himself from a person in Indonesia. You don’t have to pick graphic design but you get my point.

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This is 100% what i would do were i in OP's position. Graphic design, video editing, animation. All can be self taught off youtube and provide a real path to income once you're intermediate or above