Ideas on how to grow my cleaning service's offerings?

by MonkeyMaster64. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    7

Hi all. Not too long ago I made a post on my plans for starting up an upholstery cleaning service for car seats and sofas. Well, I'm going into my 4th week of it and it's been going...OK. I'd like to figure out how I can grow it. Currently, I'm operating on weekends only and am averaging about 4 customers a weekend. I've been capturing customers with FB/IG ads and the word of mouth that comes from those. However, I think I'd like to add more services so I can be getting on average 10-12 customers every weekend (I have a few guys I work with, I wouldn't be doing all of that by myself). My criteria so far for choosing a service that I would offer is that it would have to at least have a slight barrier to entry through the use of a machinery that not everyone would have on hand (currently that's my carpet extractor for the upholstery cleaning), it would have to be Instagram-friendly and it has to make a real difference when I'm done. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks


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I’d get your business organized and on the cloud. Start preparing an actual sales funnel through your social media and get your customers to a place where they can schedule their services ahead of time without using word of mouth.

I’d also start a TikTok account if you haven’t already to promote your business by showing people how well you clean. Share the same videos on IG and provide multiple ways to get customers to use you as a service.

If you want to talk more please dm me.

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Do you actually think my demographic is on Tik Tok? I can hardly see a 17yo wanting to clean their sofas


I think you are misunderstanding the power of the young demographic and the type of magnetism they draw to marketers and business owners.

You have to think about it like a new frontier of marketing. Yes there are 17yos on TikTok. But it’s also the fastest growing social media platform that is attracting a lot of adults and like minded business owners to the platform.

I would argue it is by far the best way to grow your brand without looking like a snake oil salesman. It’s just about how creative you can be. No joke it may sound funny but day by day once you find your rhythm with it you will find that your brand can grow way more than by word of mouth. Plus, you may even find more business ideas with the skills you have reaching more people than you could ever know.

Those are just a few benefits of spending 0 dollars and just thinking of creative ways to show your cleaning skills.

However, this can’t happen if you don’t see past the “17yo” excuse.

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I've recently talked to the Head of digital of a very well known South Korean digital marketing agency (that's enough to find out which one..) and it's apparently a nightmare to track anything on Tik Tok. It's indeed mainly the Gen Z who uses this social network.

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Legit strategy. For online bookings and payment, check out our service.

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Car washing and detailing seems obvious as an add on. Full carpet cleaning, house cleaning. You could even just team up with a cleaning crew and refer eachother to jobs which will cost you less than advertising.

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I’m surprised you aren’t doing carpet cleaning. Most guys do carpets as their main business and upholstery secondary.