If $350,000 fell into your lap, what would you do with it to make it grow?

by Glass_Life. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    2    9

What business/industry would you set-up? You don't have to spend all $350k in one venture. Be as specific or as general as you would like.

Just thought $350k was a good middle-ground starting capital, somewhere around "too big for anything small" and "too small for anything big".



Small scale real estate (2 maybe 3 condos depending on where you’re living, with mortgages of course) converted into Air BNB’s.


A broadcast media studio.

fitnessfragen 1

Focus fulltime on building a business. Live as frugal as possible. Probably prototype one or more of my ideas

-JoeAnderson 1

I'd buy residential real estate.

failbaitr 1

I "gambled" some on a new 'simple' business. something that has a reasonable upfront cost that go down considerably with larger scale. Then selling to normal customers for regular prices.

In my case, Selling solar panels, new and used. buying them in bulk is expensive, but nets good prices.

Nothing really fancy startup wise, but it was something that was relatively easy to get into fast, from a somewhat unique position (eg, the money) and nets reasonable profits without sucking up large amounts of valuable time that a tech startup could make better use of.

JG98 1

If that amount of cash fell to me I'd invest some into a new business venture of my own and invest the rest into startups that I see as having potential within spaces I feel comfortable with.

scumbum 1

Depends on the returns you want, I consider real estate to be one of the safest investment (perhaps not at current time) a multi family would be a wise purchase, then fix if something needs to he fixed, rent them out. Capitalise on the rent and appreciation.

GaryARefuge 1

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