If you had 20k to invest in a small business from scratch, but no particular passions... What would you do?

by mikeyreso. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    3    16

September 6, 2020. You don't have any real 'passions' to speak of, and want to start a small business with 20k. What do you do, and why?



Drug dealer


Underground marijuana business, hydroponic garden to sell produce, firearms + ammo related businesses, cryptocurrency trading, precious metals investment, buy used cars to rent out on turo, sell a niche product online. There's lots of other ideas. Im 36 so I'm pretty much a dinosaur in todays generation. Young ppl these days are making a ton of cash so I'd suggest linking up with them and see what they're up to. We're coming up in a age of major shitstorms and huge technological advancements. The old 20th century way of thinking will be outdated. If ppl refuse to adapt and get with the times then they will be left behind. Truth is, a lot of older ppl are going to end up working for this new young generation. That's some fucked up shit lol. Besides the future, we definitely need to be aware of our current business climate. Will things get worse? Will it get better? Will it get worse before getting better? Very uncertain times we're living in. I personally would go with the "if it all goes down" route. What would thrive in a chaotic environment? Id try to find a way to make money from the chaos and hope to stay alive. Then use all those funds to get into different businesses in a time of order.

AnonJian 1

Fall in love with market demand. Then fall in love with whatever strong market demand may reveal. Love serving the customer. That's the one thing missing from all these posts -- self obsession and never a mention of the customer.

Ever read it? My passion. My enjoyment. What I want the market to have. Me and I dominate the discussion. Narcissism pure and simple.

This follow your bliss thing is tiresome. It supposes you can't ever develop a passion once the money starts showing up. Contrary to the bullshit you are told, studies show following your passion is used primarily to make business fun and easy.

When people blissed out of their socks encounter real work is not fun, they quit sooner and in higher numbers than those who just consider it 'work.' The real shift has been people consider all work unenjoyable. They hate their job and think it is not because they just hate every kind of work. That ain't hopeful.

You can research all sorts of underserved and unmet demand online, for zero cost. Find something you could get to like. As anyone in a relationship could have told you, passion ebbs and wanes, a successful relationship (this is with a person I'm talking about now) take work.

Now who the fuck wants a 'work-gasm?' Just like what you do. Do not look to work to excite you, thill you, and provide you with endless variety and inspiration. When it doesn't you'll quit it.

This most fundamental of truths is lost on the dipshits talking up passion.

MikeGrowsGreens 1

You could set up a decent sized vertical led garden for 20k grow everything from microgreens, lettuce, spinach and anything that fits well in your space. I definitely think food production will always be a viable business.

van217 1

Power washing business.


Both have low overhead and can be started with around $600. Save the rest.

This is what my cousin did and starting making 250k at 23. He now is 27 and pulls in close to 500k yearly.

The key is to hire other people to do the work.And just focus on getting Clients and management.

YellowImpossible 1

Definitely agree, hiring others to do the work is definitely very important for success.

My uncle was making 300k at 22 by doing this. He only worked 3-4 days per week and spent the rest of his time networking.

Hiring the right employees is very crucial.

van217 1

Definitely agree, all my cousins and uncles tell me this.

Hiring others to do the work is a win-win. Most of my cousins are successful and all of them do this.

AxraAvenues 1

Hard to answer without knowing some things. Maybe you aren't "passionate" about something, but is there some kind of skill you have that you can sell? What about a product idea you know would sell?

With just 20k and no other details, and the premise you HAVE to start something with no particular passion, I would just try to come up with a product that solves a small problem. For why, it's because I have seen successful results before from this route.

My business helps clients (mostly small business' and start ups) design and develop their ideas into physical products and help manage their supply chains with overseas suppliers. From simple plush toys to more complex products, I have seen quite a bit of difference in passion levels.

Overall, my clients with more "passion" toward their idea always seem to be more engaged and seem devoted to seeing success of not only their products, but their brand. Which would really show in the results.

On the other-hand, my clients with just an idea to monetize, without a real "passion" for the products they are developing, wouldn't be as engaging to work with, but I do see great success in their businesses as well.

vwh808 1

Come up with your own idea. It doesn't have to be something you're passionate about - it just has to be something people will pay for. Keep your eyes open and your wits about you and you'll see opportunities come up.

brandontrefonas 2

This depends on what you're looking for; financial gains, philanthropic endeavors, or increased knowledge.

An argument could be made that taking some online classes would be a beneficial for your future, or setting up a not-for-profit business (you can still receive payment for the work you do with these. If you're looking purely for 'more money' attend startup pitches (my company is raising an angel round FYI).

AccidentalCEO82 2

I wouldn’t. I would talk to an advisor and get it into something worthwhile.

fuck_____________1 3

you dont need money to start a business. start a business for free, save your 20k.

if the business you started for free picks up, and you have a chance to scale it with extra funding, then use your 20k.

if you start a random business by investing 20k first, you are a moron and will fail and waste that 20k with 100% certainty. This doesn't apply if 20k is 1% or less of your networth.

chabonki 5

U dont

IndyTcar 18

Starting business that you don't have any passion about is a prescription for failure.
Invest your 20k in your home or buy stocks and funds.

vwh808 9

There are far too many successful businesses out there that people aren't passionate about for that to be entirely true.

Zazenp 5

Those people usually see gaps in the market and know how to fill them. Just asking strangers for direction is not normally how those businesses got started.