If you Pivot business would you name change?

by Nomorebread. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    19    6

I have a fairly low audience business (around 2,000 web visitors a month) which is pivoting from providing travel experiences to providing a certification product for businesses. The name still works and my audience is similar. Has anyone experience of pivoting their business and keeping the name? Any advice?


SiteRight_co 1

In my experience it didn't work out well. I had a site pulling down high 5 figures that had to have it's name changed and products altered due to legal reasons. It completely gutted our customer base, never truly getting back to it's former glorly.

ozjd 1

I don't know which move is considered best, but I also had a small TA business, and have decided to 'hibernate' it. I've not cut contracts with suppliers, but it's effectively shut down for business. I'll leave it until at least mid next year before I decide if I should revive it.

With that said, I've created a seperate entity to start a new business, and that may also impact whether I revive it.

Americafakeful 1

I hibernated mine also. Gonna be a tough market to be in for a while.

yimmysucks 2

Whats a TA business?

ozjd 2

Travel Agent/Agency

brandonmwalsh21 6

One thing to consider is that Google has probably 'niched' your site already for travel experiences, and it's gonna be tough to change what they think your site is about... especially if your brand has backlinks from other travel related sites.

Having an aged domain and brand is nice, but I might just choose a new name, and then try to move some of your audience to your new domain with offers, links, articles, etc..