If you're looking for a content writer to write blog posts and articles for your site, then hit me up!

by liltrippin. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    26    8

Hi! Do you need a content writer with great expressing ability and clarity in their words to write impactful blog posts and informative articles for you? You can definitely count on me to provide you with well written and organized content on time that matches your expectations.

I am a liberal arts student. My areas of focus include all my major subjects in college (History, Geography, Political Science), and I also specialize in writing about human mental health, geopolitics, urban planning, urbanization, finance. I can write on topics belonging to subjects beyond my expertise, only if the client gives me proper time for the required research and analysis. My price is 5 cents per word (through PayPal).

To be a liberal arts student means being very well familiar with researching over a broad range of topics belonging to several categories and writing from diverse perspectives. I hope I get to interact with new clients on this platform and work with them!

Here is my portfolio. Feel free to send me a PM/Chat, I'll answer you as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time!


mlassoff 1

Your sentences are overly long and poorly structured. You get what you pay for.

MiamiHeatAllDay 2

Hey I’m interested

mrnerdy59 4

Just a thought, maybe posting in channels that target specific subjects could get you more traction.

Digital Marketing and Software/Product industries always have a lot of content work. Good luck!


Ye. Post that in r/juststart and you’ll get a lot of messages :-)

Scotty11p 5

2000 words for $100 not bad

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Could you write 1000 words for a startup given an about page? www.leagueofstartups.com/about

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Govind_the_Great 7

Not including research, planning and drafts a decent writer could easily do 20 WPM which at ¢5 per word is $60 an hour, assuming a significant amount of work comes in. That seems like a good deal to me. I hope OP finds good work & is able to make a living. I'll save this post in case I do need that kind of work in the future.