Im 13 and I’d like to start my own small bakery business.

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I’m 13 and I’d like to start selling bread and I’m from Washington State. Here you need a cottage food permit to sell home made food items But it costs $230 and I don’t think my parents are willing to pay for that... Are there any ways I can get around that or any way to sell my baked goods without a permit or license cause I need the cottage food permit AND a food worker permit and those things need to be renewed regularly I think... thank you!


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Great advice here already, but here's my two-cents;

Offer to make promotional products (free) for people you want to sell to. If these are restaurants, and they like what you make, you might be able to use their permit.

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How do school bake sales get away with it? Maybe raise the permit fees like that, then advertise more broadly after you have permits to allow you to.

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i never thought of this while i was 13, now i am worried

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You could ask other family members to lend you the permit fees, which you would then use your initial sales to pay back.

You could also ask them to become investors. This is like a loan, but bigger. Let’s say your grandmother gives you $1000 (just to use round numbers) for 5 years to cover all your startup costs like licenses and your initial supplies. In return, every year, on the anniversary of the date she gave you the $1000, you pay her $70 (7% simple interest, which in all honestly, is MUCH better than what she’d get from her bank for keeping her money there). At the end of the 5 years, you then give her that year’s interest, and the option to end her investment (you pay her the $1000 back), or reinvest in whatever your idea has grown into over that time.

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Sell locally to friends, neighbors, etc without a permit till you've built up.


Yes the letter of the law may say you need a permit but the same is true for things like lemonade stands and that doesn't stop people from constantly doing them.


If you have some traction in your local community then yes, absolutely get one so you don't run into troubles but as with any business you want to 'test the market' first by making sure people actually want to buy from you before you spend a bunch of money.

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Okay thank you!

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Just do it until you raise enough funds to pay for permits. If you get caught, it’s totally believable to say that you didn’t know.