I’m about to be someone’s boss for the first time ever

by trouble-oatmeal. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    3

... and I could use all the advice I can get!

I own a small business and I’m about to hire my first ever employee. I’m so nervous and I want to make sure I have and do everything I need, law wise and generally. I want to be a good leader.

Any advice and tips? Thank you all


jbelle7435 2

I have been working under 1 guy who is my boss but on the part time basis for over 10 years. Payments have been sporadic over that time but always caught up, and communication has been sometimes wishy washy and always wants to buy a new computer since 2008 but never did because of laziness and I have been working around it since day 1 anyways!. In the end the way I look at it is because he was my part time work I could deal with him and how he works but for full time no way.

If your employee is full time then pay on time and communication must be there daily so your always on the same page for the good and the bad.

GearsNimports 2

My biggest thing is don’t demand something that you yourself wouldn’t do. Lead by action not by giving orders

realgirlscouts 2

Managing people is about managing personalities, managing motivation, and managing expectations of those that work with you.

We’ve been shaped by the concept of mechanization, in which practically every aspect of our business operations is shaped to adhere to specific standards and regulations, ie employee expectations. This is fine to an extent, as mechanization typically equivilates to “bottom-line” productivity.

But don’t ever forget that people aren’t machines. Much of our productivity is dependent on nonlinear aspects, such as how we are feeling, how we get along with each other within a team, what motivates us within a work environment, the loyalty we feel to each other, etc.

All this to say, hold your employees to standards but don’t forget that they are more than just standards - they are human beings. Positive reinforcement and mentoring is just as effective to drawing out productivity as upholding a rigid bureaucracy, especially within smaller organizations.