I'm about to email with an update for my first sign-ups. Not sure what topics to write about

by iphotographstuff. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    8

I'm in the very early stages of exploring an idea. I've spoken to about 20 customers by now and surveyed about 150, with 20 of those signed up for a 'beta list' on my landing page.

about development and engagement and I want to begin sending regular emails - today would be the first one.

From those of you who have done it, what are some ideas I should consider, other than specific screenshots and feature list (that doesn't exist yet)


peridot-oak 1

What are you looking to achieve by sending this? What is the measurable outcome?

First, define the measurable outcome you're looking for, and orient yourself around moving the needle to attain that.


Nice, thanks !

I'm hoping to achieve 2 outcomes:

  1. Engagement. My assumption is that if thing are quiet, and these early stage, potential early adopter subscribers do not hear from me, they might lose interest. They haven't paid for the service or invested in it, but they are currently my most important stakeholders (And will always continue to be as users)

    Outcome: keep us in your mind

    In addition to that, i would love the opportunity to engage with them on further validation and research

  2. Awareness. I'm hoping to build more awareness but getting them to talk about this / share the link with friends.

    The reason I am potentially blocked is because I have no tangible updates to provide. There are no screenshots / product / release date I can share, and there are instead progress the steps I am taking (research, validation, the steps or building a business, etc)
MaxPast 1

Ask them: "What is the most annoying thing in my product?"

I'm not kidding: that's how I got my most valuable feedback and improved my product in a short time.
I also asked to be honest and explained that I really need their negative feedback to make the product better.

  iphotographstuff 1

You're right - only, there is no product they consume yet. I could do it for the survey and the landing page.

MaxPast 1

Sorry, I thought that "beta" means actual beta testing stage. If you have nothing to test yet, I don't really know what to ask because I quickly jumped to an MVP instead of e-mailing prospective users.

  iphotographstuff 1

oops, sorry about the confusion there, but I appreciate the suggestion. The landing page is a product and intend to ask them about it anyway as that's another way to validate the message is clear.

anandp29 2

If you're still building, take them on the journey. Make them invested in the story so by the time you have a product, they will be more willing to purchase.

So what's that mean? Regular updates on progress. Share screenshots or videos as inside looks. Ask questions with these updates to get quick feedback whole building. Tell them how you and your team are doing. Heck, introduce the people behind the product. Again, they're more likely to buy if they're invested in your story.

Giselbertusdentweede 2

I’d say just tell them a honest story about what your up to concerning the product. What are you doing, what goes well, what doesn’t. I’d personally would wait with sending out emails until there are tangible results, but if you must email tell them from a personal standpoint how things are progressing.