I’m curious as to how this group of Entrepreneurs carries themselves on a personal level?

by Clubpenguinfeen. Posted on Sep 09, 2020    2    9

I’d like to know how this melting pot of entrepreneurs carry themselves in their daily lives. How you dress, talk, what you do in your “free time” etc. i feel like the stereotype of a lanky nerdy entrepreneur always turns out to be the successful ones. I myself, have one hobby which is bodybuilding. People do consider me “jacked”. I do write code and plan out strategies and concepts for my product, but when i look at myself, picturing running a multimillion SaaS company doesn’t come to mind. The music i like is thugish, for lack of a better word. I like to think I’m unique in my own way, but it gives me doubts on how i should carry myself the stereotypical way instead.

What are your thoughts?



I dress for the situation. If I’m at home, I wear lounging around clothes. If I’m at the pool I wear a bikini. If I have a meeting— I put clothes on. Shirt, pencil skirt, high heels— the whole expected stereotype.

In my free time— hmm... entrepreneur here.. I have no free time. But I like to drink wine.

One of my husband’s small business profits $4m/year. When he has a tv interview he’ll wear a nice shirt. Usually... He dresses like he’s going to the beach and listens to rock music.

In his free time he watches history documentaries and that show where they send spies into prison. When friends are around, he forgets he’s not in the marines anymore and makes inappropriate jokes. When he’s in a meeting or has a tv interview he has this fake “ha ha ha” laugh. Kind of like Gaston from beauty and the beast.

A friend probably makes a whole lot of $, owns a $10.5 mill house. His wife was an “OC housewife.” He wears track suits all day and runs around the house dribbling an imaginary basketball.

As long as you’re making money... dress how you like!

RMJoey 1

I play games in my extremely limited freetime.

I curse, use racist terms (jokingly) amongst friends, and exercise a poor variety of vocabulary. I dress extremely casually no matter where I go, whether it's a nice dinner at an upscale michelin star restaurant, or the local mexican fast food diner.

I'm a kid. I'm 22. Nobody gives a shit about if I fit the convoluted entrepreneur stereotype, they only care if I have the money to pay them for their time. My customers don't go, "ah he's not a lanky nerd i'm just not going to buy". Stop trying to fit into someone else's shoes. Didn't you want to become an entrepreneur like everyone else, because you just hate being a copy paste in an office cubicle? Why leave that but immediately look to conforming into some stupid stereotype? Yeah, you seem pretty unique. Good.

JayLeaves 1

I'm a full-time software automation engineer but I do run a small business that sells electronics/computers online. I' definitely looking for more opportunities to go full-time on a few business ideas.

I don't think I fit the conventional stereotype of a lanky nerdy entrepreneur & can't really imagine myself running a multimillion-dollar company yet either..

Was always a smart kid, but got involved in gangs early. Spent some time in juvie as a teen. However was able to learn from it & changed my life. I still however talk with the same lingo, still listen to the same music, and still love guns/money/etc just like I did in my teens. Exception now is I'm a programmer, investor & small-business owner. In public you'll see me wearing something casual paired with a classic watch & gold chain(s). I also lift weights and am considered somewhat "buff" as well.

In the end I try not to worry about stereotypes. I just do me. I do think I'm a bit introverted & prefer to not be social most of the times. But when I am in a social setting, people often enjoy my company & tell me I have great thoughts/ideas.

ChariotProjects 1

This question really made me think.

On a physical level I'm no where in good shape. I have the physical drive to play sports or go on that long hike however I'll usually hit that exhaustion point hard. I've always battled the weight issues and after years of working mixed with now entrepreneurship, I feel I prioritize my brain work more than my body.

On the social level I'm social but not. I am the planner and leader of the group. I'm the group psychologist so to speak.

Downtime doesn't really exist. Hobbies become side hustles. I dislike watching TV or movies as I find them cringy and waste of time. Just always feel I can spend my time studying a concept or building a plan. If I feel something is a waste of time, then I won't do it again.

I feel like a really cool psychological study could be done on this group. Would love to see that data set.

pharmingfarmer 1

You made me realize that I, too, convert hobbies into side hustles/ try to figure out how to profit.

Moe93272 2

Eat, sleep, work, play.... repeat as required. Entrepreneurs aren’t some special breed of humans. We’re just like everyone else. What sets us apart is our drive and passion

help-me-grow 2

I lift 4/5 times a week depending how I'm feeling. I hang out with pretty girls who will tolerate me on the weekends. I'm a big fan of bubble tea. I wear a lot of purple. I don't listen to advice from anyone who hasn't been in my position before. I laugh a lot because I find life to be comical. And most of all, I'm grateful to be alive and I feel that after the amount of bear death experiences I've had (3) I probably owe the universe a good try so I'm really trying hard to do what I feel I'm meant to do out here.

TrendNowapp 2

Dang you need bear spray or smth

datawazo 2

I'm known at my remote work space for always rocking sweats and sandles. I've been on a good gym kick of 4x/week and it seems like as long as I sign up to go (you have to cause of covid) I manage to go. I'm not built but not visibly fat. I'm an in-betweener.

I spend most of my spare time parenting and if not that then watching trash reality tv. I used to play team sports but then people started dying at an accelerated rate so they got cancelled.