I'm feeling anxious to start my university degree in business management. I feel that I'll be spending a lot of my parents money and land nowhere.

by lordofeconomics. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    9    12

I am a GCE A-level student and I'm really passionate about business management, I want to be like a professor and do PhD in it as I like process enhancement. I applied to a university and got an offer letter with a lot of scholarships and grants but still the university is expensive and I am having thoughts like I'll probably not become very successful after getting my degree. My parents will be paying my tuition fees and I feel like I should rather spend my parents money on better degree programs like computer science. I'm currently going for a BA (hons) in Supply chain and logistics but I don't know why I'm anxious, It's not that I find business management useless but still I'm not sure as many people suggest that it only makes you a philosopher and not really a skillful person due to business programs being extremely generic. Could someone help me clear my mind

EDIT: A lot of people have suggested that Supply chain management and process improvement is more of Industrial Engineering and I agree with it. Like I said I like business management so I guess I would be specialising in marketing as it was my second preference.

Thank you.



You probably should be anxious mate. Lot of people with that degree that don't do anything with it

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> Could someone help me clear my mind

We can not do that for you. Maybe go for a walk?

> not really a skillful person due to business programs being extremely generic.

Do you realize that is a conversation you can have with your professors and the admin?

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I have a business management degree, ended up in marketing and now actually do marketing and website management at a supply chain engineering firm. All of the people at our company who actually handle process improvement, warehouse and automation design, logistics network studies, etc are engineers.

I chose the degree because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do (you’re right that it’s extremely generic) and my career path has led me to some unexpected jobs. I used to regret not getting a degree in something a bit more specific, like industrial design, but at my current job, I’ve finally found something I really enjoy.

It sounds like you have a very good idea of what you want to do. I’d find people on LinkedIn with similar career paths and see what their degrees were in. Or look at job descriptions and see what their requirements are.

Do some research! But with determination and actually knowing the path you want, you can be successful with a business management degree.

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See if you can get a summer or semester internship. That will go very far.

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I finished commerce degree in Finance and wish I graduated with something more technical that I could actually put to use, professionally. In hindsight I wish I had done engineering or else stuck with business and embraced the ACCA/CPA or CFA professional designations a bit more while at university.

If you’re going to do business make sure you focus on the work experience and internships.

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Thank you for your advice.

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Read "Rich dad, poor dad" then kiosakis new book "fake", then decide if you want to continue.

Try to get a study job or internship in your field as soon as possible. You either will get motivation or you will get miserable, when you think about your future. Seeing you self the rest of your life in a boring job. But that's very subjective.

I still find it ridiculous how much college is costing in the US. I basically got payed to go (Denmark) or could have gone for free. (Germany) so maybe you could study overseas. Don't have tons of debt, see the world and learn a new language.

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If you're really passionate about Supply chains and Process Management you could look into lndustrial Engineering or sometimes called Engineering Management. Gotta have a decent math game though or be willing to put in the time.

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I agree with you. I'm just ok with math but I don't really want to pursue an engineering career. I guess I'll switch to marketing as it was my second preference and it would be more relevant to business management as compared to supply chain management.

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Three things.

1.. The uncertain outcome is causing you to feel pressure.

This is a normal part of being an adult. Responsibilities come with uncertainty and risk.

Unnecessary pressure comes from trying to get everything perfect every time. If you do this, you will be miserable. You will set high expectations and get brutally discouraged by any minor failiures.

Understand that you will 100% fail a lot of times in a lot of areas. Just accept this as a given fact and focus on being persistent and resilient.

2.. Understand that you are in a better starting position than most people on this planet.

Spend your limited time and energy on building this up. Creating failiure movies in your head takes time and energy away from this. It's in your power to control it.

3.. Don't forget about the human side of things. People skills (listening, empathy, persuasion / salesmanship, charisma) are the most important factor in your success equation.

Don't ignore this, or you will end up as the guy complaining that other people are undeservedly getting the success which your good grades entitle you to. Don't be that guy.

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Good advice soup wolf!

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Thank you so much for such a good advice and definitely I will not ignore your advice.