I’m finally working for myself and it feels amazing!

by tingting2. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    77    25

I have wanted to be a full-time bladesmith for years now. Finally the stars have aligned and I am able to do what I love for a living. It’s been just over a month now and the feeling I get every morning waking up to head to the shop is amazing. Fulfilled if you will.

Tons of work to do for the future but it looks bright ahead of us!

Have to thank my amazing wife for believing in me enough to take this jump with me!

Not sure if I can link some of my work or not but that’s not what this is about.

I’m just happy to going to work in the morning....



angry_pecan 1

Love the handle!

Jay Fisher has some amazing knifemaking guides, & tutorials for fancy materials/designs you should check out if you haven't (you probably have :)

MaximilianBlomqvist 1

That's amazing! Well done and best of luck. Also, really nice knives.

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Narrow_Employ1780 2

Wow is wonderful hear about that. Your work looks amazing. After few months think on selling your products online. I know I can’t buy but I think you would have many sales (your site working 24/7).

Good luck 🎉🥳😎

  tingting2 1

www.steelpigforge.com I sell mostly through Instagram and word of mouth right now.

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dhiya_writer 2

Oh wow, those blades are cool. Congratulations on your launch!

If you don't mind me asking, what do you create blades for? (Bladesmith -- I'm guessing that's what you do?)

  tingting2 1

Chefs and outdoorsman. I enjoy making knives that get used a lot.

CleanAccount69 2

Gorgeous work. Seems like something you could scale D2C pretty easily. Are there any implications with shipping knives and such if you do go the e-commerce route?

  tingting2 1

It depends mostly how it is worded and the knives I sell. I do mostly hunting, fishing, and kitchen cutlery. Pretty subtle stuff. Now if I was selling crazy 9 edges swords and daggers that look like scorpions then they may say something about selling weapons. It serves no purpose other than look cool or be used as a weapon.

Now Instagram and Facebook won’t let promote anything because they believe my page is promoting the sales of weapons.

fabiansefranek 1

but you could have a website and promote it with google ads

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CleanAccount69 2

That’s a tough one. On one hand, you’ll put in a lot more front end effort to grow socials organically but the quality of your audience is going to be higher than if acquired through paid social.

Influencer might be a nice avenue around this. Would be a nice test if you’re able to fine someone who has a relevant audience to yours.

Adam40Bikes 3

I make a cup holder for bikes and FB regularly flags it as a weapon. I feel ya.

mikehendrixrake 2

That’s great - congrats.

SirToast94 2

I do believe I came.

cotnerpro 2

If you need an accountant let me know. Those blades are amazing.

  tingting2 1

Much appreciated! I’ll probably be looking into one of those before November.

eskimojoe1 2

thats so cool. all the best

  tingting2 1

Thank you

mczarnek 3

Would love to see an image or video of the knife being bent 90° instead of just text saying it's possible.

Might be a nice business for Kickstarter or Indiegogo to make some initial sales quick.

Beautiful work, best of luck to you in your new adventure!

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https://imgur.com/gallery/oMsCkQq another user had asked to see earlier.

Tugg-Speedmen 4

That burl is 🔥

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