I'm in my way to opening a business!

by davarice. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    1    2

I have asked my townspeople what kind of business they feel the town could use here in Doniphan, MO. I've gotten mostly answers of "coffee shop/community center!" Or "Drive in theater." I have decided to start up the coffee shop path, plan to have a little diner-like setup with a place to sit, drink and read the newspaper or watch the news. A little stage for poetry or like a standup night, or heck, even karaoke if they're feeling it. And a lounge for children to play or socialize while supervised.

I've received nothing but good wishes and support. That being said, I shall need some ideas for names. Dows anyone have any advice for running a business similar to this, or have a good name idea?


onedough 1

When will your store be opened? Do you have a way to attract online orders?

nimble_fox 2

Our business is named after an animal found here in the state which we operate. I always feel that it is best to be your own brand as a small local business rather than imitate a large chain. Don't be afraid to be weird or different as it could help distinguish yourself and your brand. The trick is to not be so weird that people can't tell what products or services you sell

Best of luck