I'm moving in 1 month, I'm not working in the mean time...does anyone have any suggestions on some quick-to-start side hustles that are low start up cost? Just looking to make some extra money...doesn't have to be anything crazy lucrative.

by 0I1O01I1O0. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    9

I saw a post on here about a guy that started a dog poop removal business and just started by walking around handing out flyers door to door, that's the kind of thing I'm looking for. No time for Facebook ads to learn and work...so I'm potentially trying to find something I can do by just making a flyer and spending a couple days handing them out and maybe getting a few clients out of it if i'm lucky.

Any ideas?



bmoses12 1

How about outside window cleaning? Hand out fliers with some copywriting on it, charge $20. You aren't going in people's houses and outside windows rarely get cleaned.

Shirtman88 1

Uber, Postmates, etc

genuinelywhatever 1

Garage sale flip!

regularwackadoodle 1

House-cleaning would be my first guess

Slick88gt 2

You could do a dog poop removal business. Just go around door to door handing out fliers.

WorkfromhomePE 2

Dog walking with one of the apps

Delanorix 2

Do the poop thing.