I'm supposed to film a video for my company tomorrow, but the owner, our marketing person and the sale rep have given me nothing to work with

by rustynailinthefoot. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    14

So far all I've been set is some vague platitudes about what we do, i.e. Market research for quotes (woo fucking hoo), custom vSAN solutions, Fresh ideas, Platinum HPE partner etc.

Says little to nothing about who we are or how we can help them meet new requirements.

I was assigned this last Wednesday night and immediately asked for what to talk about. It's Sunday and film day is tomorrow. What do I do? Wing it and produce a shitty video? Force them to push? My wife will kill me if I work all day today on this.


bassbiz 1

your company is a VAR/reseller/integrator?
sounds like very similar industry I worked in for 8 years, who is the presentation for? do you know anything about their vertical??

  rustynailinthefoot 1

its for a federal client and kind of. I used to cover the account but that info is several years old

IamA-GoldenGod 1

You need them to work on a shooting script with you. Plan it all out. If not, tell them it’s not possible to do without more direction.

  rustynailinthefoot 1

This is basically what I’ve told them. I really appreciate the feed back. I now know that I’m not being unreasonable.

SafetyMan35 1

Sit people down, two camera head shot and ask them open ended questions. (What does (company) mean to you? What is one thing you want customers to know? Etc.). You can then sit down with the team and splice together responses. The questions will be asked via still graphic on the screen in final editing.

  rustynailinthefoot 1

Also, Ive been asking for info for days and it’s not my account, I don’t feel like I should have to give up my Sunday if the Account Manager doesn’t feel its important.

  rustynailinthefoot 1

I’m in a state 2500 miles from either the owner or 2100 miles from the sales representative.

SafetyMan35 1

What is your role in the company/this project? If you are just the tech guy recording video, send an email to the owner and marketing and account rep again expressing your concerns and recommending they provide a list of quest nor topics to discuss to ensure we get good material the first time and if they can’t, recommending delay. Either way, be prepared with your responsibility (camera/microphone/lighting etc.)

  rustynailinthefoot 1

They are hiring a film crew. I’m supposed to get up and talk.

Im just the speaker/technical face.

articulatedbeaver 1

Make sure they are important people like C-level. Even if they sound dumb few will point it out. Also lots of b roll of people looking interesting and diverse helps.

Naive_anybody 1

So many questions! Do you know who the audience is? What you are trying to achieve with the video? Do you normally do this type of work? Have you pitched potential ideas to the owner, marketing person and sales rep for feedback?

  rustynailinthefoot 1

The video if for a virtual conference where I have a 25 minute speaking session. It’s been changed to a pre-recorded thing.

We are trying to tell the customer who we are, what we do and why they should work with us.

It’s not my primary account. I’ve offered a few suggestions on what I need from them in terms of bulleted talking point referencing my primary account that I support.

I’m a sales Engineer day to day, but apparently I well spoken in front of large groups. I haven’t done this sort of thing exactly, but it doesn’t phase me to speak like this.

What bothers me is the total lack of effort on the part of the rep for his account

Grunjee 2

It's may be too late for this, but simply tell them the truth and go back to the drawing board. I would say something like: "In order for us to produce the most impactful video possible, we need a better game plan. Otherwise, we are wasting your time, money and energy on a subpar video that simply won't generate sales. In other words, do you want a 2hr PowerPoint that says everything (and nothing at all), or a 15min TED Talk that actually connects with your audience?"

  rustynailinthefoot 2

I sent out a similar email just a bit ago. I’m going to pocket your example for a response though.