Inherited a food truck and I want to rent it as a Kitchen on Wheels for Rent

by Rcaroman. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    3    2

I’m entirely new at this, have zero experience and done no research. For context, I’m in SF Bay Area. I recently inherited a full kitchen food truck. Are there business like this out there? What should I consider that could be deal breakers? The food truck has permits in Alameda county until end of 2020. Any other ideas on what to do with it to get it to earn me some income?


YaBoyCiobanu 1

Hello. For how much would you rent it a month?
And what kind of equipment the truck has inside?

(You can private message me if it’s easier)

  Rcaroman 1

Idk how much to charge yet. Most necessary equipment you would need in a full service kitchen.

Did you have any experience or advice to share?