Innovation VP of Volkswagen discusses business, tech, scaling to 200 employees in 6 months...

by Klaudia-SFE. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    2    1

Floris van de Klashorst (formerly VW group) leads a global organization in Volkswagen Group focusing on digital transformation, solutions, and products for all brands in the group ranging from Self Driving Systems, Cloud-based Digital Platforms, Connectivity, OTA and SW platforms.

00:00 Introduction & Start in Innovation

11:50 Career in an engineering consultancy company

17:48 Becoming an entrepreneur in the Telecom industry

24:36 Moving on to Nokia and music distribution industry in US

39:00 Nokia becoming less relevant

49:06 Starting a new Nokia division in Europe: Nokia Location and Commerce

01:04:00 Starting from scratch for the Automobile Alliance

01:08:20 Switch to Volkswagen & The future of VW Electric cars

01:31:33 Moving back to the Netherlands & Starting a consulting firm in innovation and digital transformation

01:33:35 The future of tech, IoT and innovations

01:38:46 The biggest learning lessons

01:42:45 Books to read & SpaceX

01:50:38 Interesting stories and closing


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Interesting how fast it can go sometimes. Thanks for the tip!