Interested in opening a Kumon Franchise

by alyn000r. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    1    3

Hey I am interested in opening a Kumon Education Center Franchise. Anyone currently operates one ? Any advise for me ? I will be investing everything I have got to open this so any advise is helpful. Thank you


literaryhunter 2

We send our kid to Kumon twice and week and the one in our neighborhood is insanely busy. It’s owned/operated by a PhD in Education. That helps, plus the location is beside a busy Starbucks.

Why sink all of your money into a franchise versus doing your own program?

  alyn000r 1

I know nothing about owning a business and starting a brand from scratch but I believe Teaching is something I am good at and could use my passion to make some extra money. Could use Kumon’s training and program and their brand name

throwawayiquit 1

Asian parents really like it. So if you are asian you can market there. Or hire an asian employee who can also help you run an ad or two in their local asian language newspaper