Is $500 a good start for dropshipping

by Lemmy141. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    32    30

I have so far done well with affiliate marketing through the use of email advertising.My next step is to use what i have learnt to build a dropshipping business.Is $500 enough to start with?


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I would say yes, it's enough

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Might want to drop ship through amazon, if you have decent credit you wouldn’t need any capital.

xXConfuocoXx 2

Could you expand on this?

future-idiot-2020 1

Should be good. Biaheza has some good videos on starting up with low amounts. Should check him out

portillo17000 1

I don’t really like the course of Biaheza

khhrr603- 23

Biaheza is entertainment not education

future-idiot-2020 4

He proves it’s possible tho

khhrr603- 13

Not really,he made his money back when u could use .shopify and still make bank. He’s a YouTuber now he’s not a dropshipper

professional_janitor 1

he is a dropshipper tho

edit: he made a few mil now he’s getting into real estate or something like that


So you can’t make bank from Shopify now?

khhrr603- 1

I never said that


Kinda sounds like you said that?

khhrr603- 1

.shopify is the free domain they provide u


Ahhh gotcha thanks for clarifying. So you can’t really make good money on the free domain anymore?

khhrr603- 1

A couple years ago you could because shopify wasn’t really a known thing and u could get away with longer shipping times and more basic websites. But because of the rise in dropshipping courses being heavily advertised,people know what shopify is and it turns them away

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Not passive income but yeah, you could 'technically'do dropshipping with 0 cost if you could put the work and time in.

kevin_tanjaya 3

Where do you learn and start affiliate marketing?

Scottdavies86 12

Can you talk me through how your AM workflow went? I assume you own a website, people sign up to a newsletter and you email them products? Am I way off there?

AM seems to be a hard slog so seeing someone who is ACTUALLY making money doing it and not just selling a course on how to make money on it is rare.

Bazzarr69 7

How much did u make in Affiliate Marketing ?

  Lemmy141 3

Over $7k


Can you message me on a different app?

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AIM: bigcock69420