Is Affiliate Marketing Really All the Hype?

by Optimal-Stick. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    1    5

Every time I look into starting my own side business, affiliate marketing is always on the list of businesses to consider. I don’t know much about it, but it seems a bit over saturated. Do you really make decent money doing AF?


mondaysbest 1

A lot of it is super aggressive marketing/scammy, so check your ethics at the door

Scoobytwo 1

It had its time in the sun, and the remaining people doing it are often veterans who have a lot of experience in the craft. That being said cream will rise and there are likely new unfounded ways to tackle it.

JasontheWriter 2

It's popularity comes largely from the fact it's a low-risk startup that doesn't require a ton of capital if you have a few fairly common skill sets and the ability to teach yourself things.

In other words, the pitch goes "if you can write or talk/make videos about things you love, you can get paid for it!"

There's no buying products, renting office space, or staffing out a monster team. You can be one person with a blog making good money.

That all being said, the market is super-saturated and continues to get worse by the day. Just do some keyword research on the most bizarre niche and you'll find hundreds of sites already in the race.

seagateexpansion1 2

Its not really a business, its pitched at people who dont know anything about business as an easy to start venture, but unless you already have a huge and engaged audience its not going to get you very far. If you are struggling to come up with a business idea it probably means you dont know enough about anything yet, which is fine too. Spotting an oppertunity requires experience in an industry, that same experience gives you the contacts and knowledge required to make it successful.

LeadsKiwi 2

I did affiliate marketing back in 2007 and I made good money before stating my seo company. I now run an affiliate program for my cbd company and we have a few affiliates that make over $10k a month.

Yes you can make money but it is not as easy as people try and make it seem.