Is dropshipping a good way to start a business?

by TheValknut. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    1

Hello everyone,

My dream for a really long time was to one day open an e-commerce store and upscale it into a bigger online business. I do realize that I have to start somewhere, but I am really convoluted as to where I am to begin.

I have looked towards dropshipping, but the very wide variety of mixed opinions on the subject has made me have doubts. If dropshipping ISN'T a good way to start an online business, how do you guys recommend I start with e-commerce?


xmarketladyx 2

No. Dropshipping sounds easy, but there are so many risks you don't understand that will tank your business. The best way is to always have your inventory in your control. Whether you have items you buy to resell, you clean up/embellish, or make on demand; never just try to dropship out the gate with no experience. That's a great way to find out how fast and hard everything that can go wrong; and you will not have the experience to know how to fix it and how to head off another disaster before it hits the critical stage.

It is a great way to do business once you know what you're doing. I'm an E-Commerce Sales Specialist for a corporate office. We deal with a mixture of in-house inventory from our warehouse, others across the country in other branches, and dropshipping. Believe me when I say all of these people who suddenly think, "Oh, I believe I'll just start a business dropshipping today!" They don't last but a few months because they have to be burned by so many unreliable or once reliable vendors and their reputation is destroyed before they learn.