Is it okay to post here asking for feedback on a business idea?

by HammadNS. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    10    9

I have a business idea & I want to validate it by posting about it here. Can I do that?


dugerz 1

Yes but your idea probably sucks (most do)

norri5 1


dugerz 1

Because if most business ideas were good, most business owners would be rich

norri5 1

Its not that ideas are bad, its about the execution and the businessman himself.

You can make a fortnune with almost any idea. 99% of people fail or do not enough because they are too lazy to keep executing for long period of time and study the stuff needed.

dugerz 1

Agreed. The idea is rarely the most important part. Getting off the couch and making it happen is what counts.

CTJLewis 1

Is it “Uber for dogs”?

charlesmarker 2

What about Uber, from dogs?

Dogsled Uber, is what I'm pitching.

CTJLewis 1

Where do I sign up?

ikudlike 11

It would make for a better post than this I guess.