Is it time for a shift in how we run businesses?

by le_crosst. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    0    1

You can't fill all the roles in a business

For me as a tech person building (and releasing) cool projects has always been a challenge. There is so much more than just the tech. Accounting, marketing, sales, design, UI/UX, legal and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it can be fun to learn more in one of the areas. Some are easier to learn than others. Design is one of the fields that I find especially tricky because everyone knows if they like a particular design but only few people have the talent to actually come up with great designs. So while spending some time and learning about the basics of the field will definitely improve the results, it will not feel as natural as a professional design. Oftentimes hurdles like these have led to me losing the drive to finish a project.

Learning: You need one or more co founders with different shill sets.


The talent is out there, but hard to motivate

Every once in a while I end up going to Fiverr and searching for a person that can design a logo, an icon or something else for me. It is really impressive to see how many talented people are on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork. There is only one down site: Those people are super busy and the communication can be hard. And I don't even think that language barrier is the reason for that. I think this comes down to lack of interest/motivation in what you are building. And you can't blame them. How are they supposed to get motivated about the project if they don't even know about it.

Besides those sites, where people do jobs for money, there are even more platforms, like LeetCode, Codewars or HackerRank, where people work on problems just for fun. But why do people spend their spare time solving problems and developing algorithms? Although a not small part of those people are preparing themselves for interviews, there are also many people that simply enjoy the process of solving challenging problems.

Learning: There are many people on the internet that are super talented, but if you want them to do a great job, you need to spark enthusiasm for your product/company. While gig-based freelancing might be enough for a logo design, it is not a good solution for bigger projects.


Remote work

I've been working remotely for almost a year and I really like it. No commute, no traffic and a flexible schedule. Even in non-remote companies tools like Jira, Zoom, Google Docs and Slack are used more and more. That's all you need for most of the work. And with COVID-19 a lot of traditional companies have been forced to go remote and are seeing that it works for them as well. It also has operational advantages: 24/7 support is not a big problem when you work remotely and have colleagues in multiple time zones.

Learning: Many companies can be operated completely remote .


For many startups the seemingly best way is to raise a lot of money as soon as possible which can be used to hire great people that hopefully share their vision. But that is not really the spirit of a small business, right?


Recently I have often asked myself whether this is still the way to go.

So I came up with this idea of a platform that would leverage the learning from the points above. It would bring together startups, talented people and maybe even small private investors. The product and the company vision is a very central part of the platform. If you share the vision and like the idea you are much more motivated to get involved in the company. That's also why I think in the early stages of a startup paying in shares instead of money will make people more enthusiastic about creating something together.


I believe the conditions for a "remote crowd business" are as good as they have never been before. That's why I am currently working on a platform that does exactly this.

You can DM me if you want to get early access to the site.


I'd love to hear your opinion on that!