Is purposeful optimization/objectives the most critical part?

by Putrid-Excitement. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    1

The goal of any business is to optimize on A. customer satisfaction, and B. profit.

All a business wants to do is to improve the business so it can A. satisfy customers, and B. Increase profit. It should always try to improve what they need to to do those two things. If those two things can be done it allows growth.

What is your opinion on how to improve the offer, and grow the business?


neclord84 2

You skipped employees. Almost all businesses have them. If you treat them like profit growing monkeys they don't like that and it is going to be a problem. Even if you do fake stuff to make it seem like you care most can see through that. A business that has employees needs to add value to the employees lives as well. More than here is this paycheck That doesn't get it done in 2020 in most cases.