Is such marketing strategy for advertising financial products online viable?

by robinJersey12. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0

It appears that it might be pretty cheap, but not sure what conversion I would be potentially looking at. So the plan is as follows.

Advertising through PPC (Google Ads) targeting very cheap national keywords, where a lot of traffic actually searches (for example, I've noticed stuff like 'Jonas Brothers' or 'Selena Gomez' or something like this are pretty cheap keywords, but traffic is huge).

Step 2 would be to target (through Google Ads settings) demographics of age over 18 and low level of income, so the landing page would have some information on an artist and what not, but after say scrolling to a certain position of the web page, the web page would automatically redirect to a payday loan application?

The flow would be like this:

  1. Customer searches for something like 'Selena Gomez'
  2. Customer clicks on the ad that leads to the page on some information about the artist (maybe top music tracks and what not)
  3. Customer scrolls down as he or she is reading
  4. Customer is redirected to payday loan application
  5. Customer submits payday loan application (profit)