Is there some in here in the Rental Business (printers/laptops/iPads/etc)?

by AKopelevich. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    2    6

Is this a good niche? I'm thinking of opening such a business in my region and expand countrywise.

p.s.: sorry for the typo in the title


Putrid-Excitement 1

vehicles and electric bikes, electric skateboards are the way to go. Get a plot of land or giant warehouse and have people rent out time and equipment. Or make some kind of guided trail ride w/ photography.

SafetyMan35 2

As a potential user it is a horrible idea.

Years ago, I worked with an organization that held conferences and rented laptops and iPads for conferences to display presentations and to use as a place where users could check email. Each machine cost $600 for the week and they typically rented them for several weeks throughout the year.

I suggested that we purchase a basic machine. It cost $800 so they paid for themselves after two weeks. We kept the machines for 2-3 years and replaced them. We had to install special software on them so it worked out even better so we could leave the configuration on the machines rather than having to reinstall before every seminar.

bombaybull 2

It’s a tricky business to be honest. My friend started one but forgot to factor in the fact that he’d have to get each and every item insured, require a decent order book to break even and be ready to write off in case of thefts by temporary residents (college students mostly). Please take these points in notice before venturing into this business.

Best of luck :)

  AKopelevich 1

Tnx for the heads up. Researching the market, I think the best public would be other companies who need laptops for their employees (1+ years) or companies that need printers for a long period.

I'll try to stay away from B2C.

Su_rio 2

I believe it's a good idea,
I have a similar idea but in the fashion industry.
Sharing economy is the future .

bombaybull 2

Upfront investments are huge in fashion. You’d need a decent portfolio of high ranking brands and to come up with such a corpus you’d need decent capital. Don’t forget the insurance cost.

Btw, because of the pandemic a lot less people are going out in public, so the demand is obviously a bit on the lower side.

Hope that helps in some way.