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Hello Entrepreneurs! So, any of you guys have any tips for a successful IT business? Like what did you do to make it to the “top” ? How did you get your clients that you have now? Any good Strategies? Should I hire employees?..Etc I am trying to grow my IT business, but I feel like I got no leads back when I reach out to business to offer my services.

Any tip/help would be highly appreciate it!



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what type of IT services? I worked for years freelancing web and development services. I Hated, or more correctly HATE marketing. Great with Sales, but I have never been a good marketer. So I went to the source. Contact marketing companies and create relationships with them . It works extremely well with development as they often have jobs and would supply a lot of work to me. However even as a MSP, they could be a good point of contact for you.

Also look at networking through groups like BNI or your local chamber. Volunteer to offer services to non profit could also get your foot in the door. Remember that the people on the boards of those NonProfit are usually in very important roles in other companies that could use your help.


Check /r/msp

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Oh sweet! Thank you!

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Get onto r/thesidehustle for guidance