Japan Uighurs Association demands an explanation from companies practicing forced labor in Xinjiang

by theworkersrights. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    400    35

As reports revealing the forced labor of Uighurs in China continue, Uighurs in Japan and rights activists are urging Japanese companies to take note of workers' situation and asking that more attention should be paid to China’s restrictive policies on the Muslim minority group.

In a press meet in Tokyo on Aug. 28, a group of Uighurs and advocates approached Japanese companies with industries in China to thoroughly probe their supply chains to check whether they are associated with the continuing suppression of Uighurs, The Japan Times reported.

As per the BBC, there has been a drone video showing Uighur people taken blindfolded on trains, and which has been validated by Australian security officials.



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You don't dare to charge CPC in ICJ, ICC.

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There are about 1000 Uyghurs in Japan. This is a non-event.

Let's remember the historical context for this too. As Radio Free Asia, the voice of US imperialism, euphemistically puts it:

> Japan’s relations with Uyghur politics go back to the 1930s, when a delegation led by prominent general Mahmut Muhiti traveled to Japan seeking help after the collapse of the First East Turkestan Republic at the hands of Chinese and Soviet collaboration.

For those whose history is a little fuzzy, this would be the same expansionist Japan that invaded China and attempted to take over Asia in alliance with the Nazis as a basis for its imperial project, leaving an unequalled record of rape and plunder behind. What a surprise that it made use of secessionist forces to attempt to weaken its adversary.

Of course, Chinese-Soviet collaboration is an interesting take on resistance to the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis.


How much did the Chinese give you for your soul?

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They're good materialists and, like me, do not believe souls exist.

Is it that inconceivable to you that someone may express what I did for the good and simple reason that they believe it to be the truth?

I'd ask you how much NATO paid for your mind, but they do know a good investment when they see it, and yours isn't it.


This has been on for 5h and only has 47 upvotes? Odd...

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Probably used to identify the ccp opposition. The algorithm clearly has special clauses for everything china related.



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Anything anti China gets massive upvotes. Its so crazy how everyone is using a laptop made in China to upvote negative articles about China.

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The Japanese MUJI chain stores have been using Xinjiang cotton for their clothes so far as I know.

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Let’s do the same to all Muslim countries who import labour from 3. World countries! Or we could agree to treat all humans equally?

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What justification if any does China try to use for treating the Uighurs this way? We know the real reason is they don't tolerate any kind of religious doctrine or any kind of thought that goes against the CCP but seems they would at least try to say they commit a crime or something.

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The argument that they use is that they are trying to prevent Uighurs from being involved with extremist activity. That's what they say, of course, but my personal belief that is that they want to suppress any possibility of dissent and also use the Uighurs as "practice" for tactics that they can later use on other people. The things that they do in Xinjiang province are more extreme than the forms of repression used in most other places of China. My belief is that the Chinese government is testing and refining these repression methods in Xinjiang in anticipation of using them everywhere else in the country in the future.

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> What justification if any does China try to use for treating the Uighurs this way?

The US does the same thing. They feel as long as we do the same, and sometimes even worse, to our own population why can't they do it to theirs?



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Very complex topic and it is documented you can look it up online. Ill try to sum it up.

Basically in the 2000s the entire planet had a global Muslim scare. China also got scared. You can see what Russia did and what Central Asia did and what the US did and so on.

China gets picked on because its China. Yet no one is talking about what is happening in Yemen or other places or what happened in Libya or Iraq or Afgan.

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That was 20 years ago and while the US still fights wars in attempt to stop Muslim extremists I don't recall the US locking up every person of of a particular faith into concentration camps and harvesting their organs.

However whatever evil you think the US did or is still doing, then call that out along with what China is currently doing vs. using whataboutism to defend them.

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> However whatever evil you think the US did or is still doing, then call that out along with what China is currently doing vs. using whataboutism to defend them.

Where are these so-called organs? Id love to buy a few.

2nd of all, China has not murdered 480,000 innocent civilians the way it was done in Iraq and Afgan and not even counting the destruction of Libya.

I am not defending anyone. I am simply stating facts.

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> I am not defending anyone. I am simply stating facts.

You are literally doing the same thing I just called you out for.

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Your doing whataboutism as well.

Your ignoring the mass murder done by the Western Alliance.


At least you are admitting to doing whataboutism now. What I'm doing is commenting on a thread directly related to this specific issue. That isn't whataboutsim. You are trying to point out unrelated issues wthout even acknowledging what China is doing. That is the textbook definition of whataboutism.

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Its a Catch 22.

Our corporate controlled media latches onto Anti-Chinese rhetoric. It will never go against (just as you are refusing to even acknowledge the holocaust that occurred in Afgan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen) its advertisers.

It will always be whataboutism because the press will not address other topics like what India is doing in Kashmir or any other topic that goes against the advertisers.

Those stories about Kashmir or Yemen they simply do not get reported and if they even reach social media they get drowned out and instead we have this narrative about China.

The real conversation of why some country feels like China is a threat does not get discussed and instead its "china bad, rest of world good...even though India commits genocide in Kashmir but lets ignore that since we need them to be the next bogeyman."

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i think is is because they may commit a crime, so they are arrested beforehand

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If we could just do zero business with a dystopian communist dictatorship, that would be great. Not really any advantages building them up to the number one economy and military when we could stop it now.


Ideally we keep them functioning as a potential ally once they stop being totalitarian. There's always hope when diplomatic communication is still available.

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That was the original idea is that if we opened up trade they'd get a middle class that wants more rights, but we just made them partially switch economic systems while keeping the authoritarian part.


They do have more of a middle class now though. That means people with free time to think. That means the potential to organize and change. Once enough of them get into government, we'll start to see real change

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Right... That's why they have a dictator for life, social credit, one party rule, suppress descent, disappear people, have active concentration camps, harvest organs from minorities... They built a system where that isn't going to happen.


I mean, you're not wrong. I'm just wanting to be able to be hopeful that they can figure themselves out before it turns into a war... Maybe we're too scared of war just like the League of Nations was leading into WW2 and we're making the job harder for ourselves by delaying, but I'd like to think there's some possibility of avoiding the overt wholesale slaughter of a generation. Maybe.

I like thinking there is more to the Chinese people than blind CCP adherence, despite whatever evidence comes my way, because I know most people just focus on getting through their day. Many have blame in all this, and they should be reminded of their responsibility to human decency, but Ultimately they're the ones most able to directly affect their own situation. If we abandon that chance, we consign ourselves to intervention and bloody conflict.

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If the majority of people could actually have an open voice, of course they wouldn't want a dictatorship. It's that the people in control know how to control the masses. The communists aren't going to leave without violence either internal or external. They have no real allies and are geographically isolated, so the freedom loving parts of the world can wall them off, but that's going to be more and more of a problem as time goes on. Historically whenever an emerging power challenges the world order of other powers it leads to war. Hopefully not, but in 10 to 50 years it really seems like it's going to happen. You just need the west saying Taiwan is a country or the communists thinking they can take it without a major war.


Well if we're doing this, economic isolation is an ok start, but I think they could handle being isolated better than most countries. It seems internal uprisings are the best bet, so how do we support that? We know India and the Himalayan countries would support pushing china back- China's always been a poor neighbor and they're causing increased conflict in the south and west, not to mention the "9-dashed line" debacle with the "South China Sea". I'm unsure what's going on with Mongolia, since they seem to be pretty westernized and independent from what I see but I need to research them more.

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Ya that wont happen.