Joining airforce. Passive Business ideas

by orphanslayer410. Posted on Sep 12, 2020    0    6

Looking to start a business or something before I go in so that when I get out it will have grown. Something that I could work on while in the service in my free time. Any suggestions or points in he right place would be greatly appreciated


Onion_guac 1

Real estate - rentals. Could use VA loan to purchase homes 0 money down, live in it while stationed, refinance into IRRRL when moving, and then rent it out, repeat at next station. It’s the long game and would require vetting property managers, but definitely doable. Also need to make sure you have your bases covered legally but heard of it being done before.

Cakeordeathimeancake 1

What is your AFSC going to be? If you don’t have any ideas right now for a preference this could help us give you ideas. For example in some AFSCs you’ll get amazing training that can help.

An_Ether 1

It really depends on your free time availability.

Most likely some kind of online business would be attainable, or simply look into investing.

garythecoconut 1

Type in passive income ideas into google?

You haven't said anything about your skills or interests. So that is the best i can do for you.

Decent_Cartoonist 3

You could invest in REITs. They're getting hit hard by covid right now but should be doing better 4 years from now. You'll be like a landlord except you won't have to do any of the work.

I have a feeling you're underestimating the time demands of the military and running a business.

noob-dev 3

"Passive" income requires a lot of work upfront to then require little work down the line once things take off. Honestly, I don't have any recommendations since idk what the schedule will be like