Keeping track of a Computer Service shop

by thatguywiththemoobs. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    2

I work at a Computer Service shop , we do sales and repairs for all things computer and printer related and we're pretty much screwed because there's too many things to keep track of like :

  1. What's this laptop's problem?
  2. What did this customer leave along with their laptop/pc? A power adapter? A Bag?
  3. Which disk goes to which computer
  4. When does this customer need his laptop
  5. When did they first send us this laptop for repairs
  6. When did we finish repairing that laptop
  7. etc

Right now my boss is keeping track of everything in a Microsoft Excel - Access System but he says he needs a better solution , so my question : Is there any software that let's us keep track of all the above and have custom parameters?

I'd rather not have to make a whole database system with sql or something, I'd prefer a ready-made system. Is there such a thing?


DefJeff702 2

If you have a storefront and are primarily break/fix you should checkout Repairshopr. Most of the above can be done with ticketing but it adds simplicity to everything when you couple crm, invoicing and a host if available integrations. I use autotask but its more geared for an MSP.

lemachet 1

I was going to say repairshoppr also