lack of motivation

by sydydney. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    1    5

how do you get past having no motivation or feeling like your doing it all for nothing.


YoramBaltinester 1

You need to choose/find a purpose (this option will be based on your belief system regarding life purpose). Then you build your life around it. You might find that you are in a wrong career. I was. If that is the case you build a transition plan and change career if that's an option. If you are in the right career that will make you feel fulfilled when you've done a great job that day, you may need a new place to work, or to start your own. It all depends on your specifics, but the common theme is: once you found a purpose, it becomes a reminder of why you do 'this' or even why you put up with 'that'. It takes care of the motivation question. Makes sense?

sheltoncovington 1

You just have to find something to work on that inspires you. Even the annoying stuff that has to be done is made palatable if the end vision is something that you enjoy.

ByVerza 1

Been feeling this for a while! Following and hope for some advice

nimble_fox 2

I remember back to having an incompetent boss and how painful that was...

It was a fortune 500 company and everyone on the team was dumbfounded at the complete lack of understanding of our manager.i remember being up one night saying I could do it better, and then my wife just saying, so do it...

Crazy, but always motivates me

not-on-a-boat 3

For me, it helps to earn more money. Which I know isn't great advice, but my motivation tracks pretty clearly with my monthly net profit.