learnWD a coding startup

by haardikg. Posted on Sep 14, 2020    8    6

Hi we are learnWD a up and coming online platform for people to learn to code if your interested in joining here are the available positions

Marketing and research: people who can help us share and market our product

Web developers: developers to help create our platform, must know react

Outreach: people who reach out to potential sponsors to get funds for us so we can operate

please pm if interested, non of these positions are a paid position at the moment but will be once we have an income


nickwarner29 1

Hey, I recently joined an edtech start up. I'd love to chat if you're interested. There might be good partnership opportunities and if nothing else, would be great to connect.

  haardikg 1

I pm’d you

manoylo_vnc 2

What do you bring to the table?

  haardikg 1

I’m a front end developer experienced with react and vue

manoylo_vnc 1

Ok. So you’re looking for a backend developer. How does the business make money?

Edit: ...and how are you different from other online learning platforms?

  haardikg 1

I’d love to tell you more could you please pm