Let Your Mind Wander and Reap the Benefits

by WebDevMom. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    1

Do you have time carved out for creative thinking? In our distraction-filled smartphone world, it’s rare, but so very important for our health and productivity.

You don’t have sit and do nothing to achieve it. My most “productive” creative thinking time is while running on my treadmill. A good long time for me to dive deep into thoughts, problems, and feelings. Vacuuming is good for this, too. Any activity that doesn’t require much attention gives you the opportunity to let your mind wander and process.

But why? It gives me the freedom to process. Process my experiences, conversations, problems, etc that are causing me stress and anxiety (or giving me joy—we're more likely to feel gratefulness if we ruminate on joyful events). I’m infinitely more productive in handling problems for my websites because I spend time thinking through how to handle them while I run or unload the dishwasher and can dive into actually fixing them when sitting at my laptop.

I’ll admit that I don’t know the science behind it, I just know that I’m better when I have time to think.


kippypapa 1

True. I stopped working 15 hour days and just stop working at 4:30 (remote) and just chill and let the ideas flow. I made 0 headway trying to do all my thought meandering on weekends.