List of All Business Models

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Hello All,

As a business nerd, I have been wondering why nobody has a singular list of all business models. I know that there are lots of variations and iterations in building a business, but a lot of the building blocks are the same across industries. There are other sites that have a list of business models, but they all aren’t exhaustive lists. So, I decided to try and create an exhaustive list of all the business models out there. I have put it below.

Please let me know what you think or if I missed any (or if any can be combined). I only wrote down the business model name and any alternative names for it, but for anyone who’s interested, I’m looking to write a description for each too.

  • 1, Integrator, Insourcing, Roll Up Strategy
  • 2, Affiliation,
  • 3, Guaranteed Availability, On-demand, Immediateness
  • 4, Just-In-Time, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Start-up
  • 5, Barter, Trade-in
  • 6, Bundled Offering, Bundled Product, Bundled Pricing
  • 7, Cross-selling,
  • 8, Lock-in,
  • 9, Artificial Demand, Manufactured Demand
  • 10, Artificial Scarcity, Limited Edition, Exclusivity, Exclusive Retailer
  • 11, Target the Poor,
  • 12, Franchising,
  • 13, Ingredient Branding,
  • 14, Mass Customisation,
  • 15, Standardisation, Product Standarisation, Economies of Scale, Infrastructure Management/Standardisation
  • 16, Linear Product Differentiation, Product Quality Segmentation
  • 17, Non-Linear Differentiation, Aikido
  • 18, Product as Service, Management Consulting
  • 19, Service as a Product,
  • 20, Craving, Addiction, Gambling, Raffle, Lootbox, Vice
  • 21, Versioning, Seasonal Business, Fast Fashion, Planned Obsolescence, Digitisation
  • 22, Budget, No Frills
  • 23, Joint Venture, Business Alliance
  • 24, Licensing,
  • 25, Automation, Process Automation
  • 26, Business by Mandate, Monopoly by Mandate
  • 27, Tiered Offering,
  • 28, Supermarket, Superstore
  • 29, Solution Provider, Consultant Agency
  • 30, Sustainability, Go Green, One-for-One, Robin Hood
  • 31, Customer Loyalty, Customer Loyalty Programs
  • 32, Experience Selling, Experience Marketing, Designer Sales Experience, Designer User Experience
  • 33, Gamification, Business of Fun
  • 34, Economical, Value for Money, "Low Prices High Quality"
  • 35, Orchestrator, Outsourcing
  • 36, Layer Player,
  • 37, Differentiated Talent Organisation,
  • 38, Fractionalisation, Fractional Ownership
  • 39, Add-On, Up-Sell, Micro Transactions, Micropayments
  • 40, Cash Conversion Cycle, Negative Operating Cycle, Pre-pay
  • 41, Dynamic Pricing, Auction, Differential Pricing, Variable pricing
  • 42, User Priced, Donation, Pay What You Want, User Priced
  • 43, High Touch, Superior Service, Customer Relationship Management
  • 44, Low Touch, Self-Service
  • 45, Leverage Customer Data, Personalisation
  • 46, Premium, Premium Product
  • 47, Shop in Shop, Shopception
  • 48, White Label,
  • 49, Long Tail,
  • 50, Multi-Brand, Unbundled Busniess, RenDanHeYi, Decentralised , Disintermediation
  • 51, Flat Rate, Buffet
  • 52, Freemium,
  • 53, Loss Leader, Printer and Cartridge, Razor and Blade, Reverse Razor and Blade, Complementary Pricing
  • 54, Multi-Sided Market, Two-sided Market, Brokerage, Marketplace, Content curation, Attention Merchant
  • 55, Outbound marketing: Paid Media, Push Marketing
  • 56, Inbound marketing: Owned Media, Content Marketing, Pull Marketing
  • 57, Inbound Marketing: Earned Media, Community, Tribe, In-group, Early adopters, Evangelism, Word of Mouth
  • 58, Ultimate Luxury, Super Premium
  • 59, Open Source,
  • 60, Crowdsourcing,
  • 61, Slack Resources, Make More of It
  • 62, Trash to Cash,
  • 63, Pay for Performance, Performance-based Contracting, Contingency Pricing, Taking a Cut of Revenue
  • 64, Pay per Use, Pay as You Go
  • 65, Subscription,
  • 66, Rental, Rent Instead of Buy, Pay per Time Period
  • 67, Disintermediation, Direct Selling
  • 68, Omnichannel, Distribution Based Business
  • 69, Location Differentiation, Traditional Place Differentiation, Traditional Placing, Digital Platform Placing, Location Domination
  • 70, Market Segmentation, Secondary Customer Segment, Traditional Market Segmentation, Customer Segmentation


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spencer_kirkham 1

Write a description, with like a flow chart for steps of each, some variations and branches so each, cost, profit that you could possibly make, etc.

SpringBrreeaaaak 1

Look up SIC codes. Not as specific as your list, but for a list of all types of businesses, its what companies use in several ways, including SEC filings.

Philburtis 2

Looking at the title I was suspicious what the list would look like, but this is pretty solid. If anything, they are a good help for brainstorming different models. I do suggest using a business mode canvas too.

Iinzers 2

This is so much more helpful than those “151 businesses you can start!”

And then they list literally just:

  • sell potatoes
  • sell candy
  • sell blankets
  • sell fucking doorknobs
  • etc

    Like thanks, yes I know I can sell shit.
covidtwentytwenty 2

Is Google's advertising model in there?

andante95 2

I was just googling for this the other day. Thanks!!

ClaudioHG 8
MajorIO5 2

What a nice source of inspiration ! Thanks !

ReD3vil 10

It would be pretty neat to have the descriptions too!

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It would also be pretty neat if he stopped stealing content and reposting it to drive people to his subreddit. He just takes old popular posts and reposts them as original content with a link to his subreddit that he uses to self-promote his website. He stole this post from u/BaldBusinessYT: