Litle experiment: "Massive" co-working day online

by wakerone. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1

As several startup programs are coming to an end. We have developed a platform to bring those entrepreneurs and founders together into a super day for co-working (based on diff timezones).

  • We believe it is a great opportunity to introduce each other, have a more relaxed conversation, talk with other peers about our projects and strengthened the community.
  • Having thematic rooms by sectors, diff. stages, coffee breaks, work together session, pitching sessions, AMAs, YOU NAME IT!
  • Rooms have a capacity of 5 to ensure great communication and effective conversation.
  • Also have implemented a 24/7 room for serendipity conversations.

Examples of rooms can be found here: PeerPull

  1. Intro founder's region
  2. Cross-product feedback
  3. Pitch review and strategy

If you believe this is a great idea for distributed talent around the globe and to connect co-working spaces digitally would love to hear from you and your support! Thanks! :)