Long shot of an idea but any input for a an inkling that is possible would be awesome? Please forgive the length.

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I didn’t know where else to post this concept but this sub seems just right. And it’s been in the back of my head for so long. I’d love it to just become a reality some where would be awesome.

This is the the basics. A nursing home type facility but for those on the autism spectrum. Obviously this has major differences that all rigged dentist for major components of what I feel it should accomplish and serve those who live there.

1- community. Those of us in the spectrum are generally outcasts. Having the hardest time to connect with the general population. Especially those on the lower end of functionality. That said, we can get along great (most of the time) with each other because of our commonalities. There would be games nights, movie, dinner parties. Things that will cement the community

2- facilities maintenance. I imagine this like a part dormitory, part apartment. But with the assistance of A basic janitorial/housekeeping service. Some will struggle with basic cleanliness and organizational skills. So there would be staff to help and keep an eye on those that struggle being tidy. Also a cafeteria or plan meal system to help those that could be a safety concern if they were to cook for them selfs.

3- medical/therapy services- this is something i don’t know how much it fits in but it plays a very important role. Having access to a behavioral therapist will be instrumental for the 4th service. With the therapist, they will be given the tools to cohabitate better, help with issues at work. And there could be a medical adviser to help make sure they stay in needed meds.

4- employment services, advisory, advocacy and financial planning- this is the biggest one because this will be part of which funds the place beyond private payments for entry and stay. This will also require some one that’s great at connection those with abilities to employers that need their skill sets. Basically a head hunter. They will find those on the spectrum jobs. In tech, basic office work and any job that fits their abilities based on their level of disability. Also they will get help to make sure their finances don’t get immediately miss used. The necessities will be taken care of, housing, medical, retirement.

The biggest concern i see with parent with kids on the spectrum is what’s gonna happen to their kid when they die. How will their kid take care of themselves? I know a facility like this will accomplish this. The the financial planning part is super vital because it’s first interest to long term planning when they will age out and end up at a retirement home. All of this is obviously more complicated than just the surface that I’ve barely scratched. But I know if something like this existed we wouldn’t be throwing away brilliant minds that wouldn’t go to waste just because people have a hard time being around them. Or because they might say the wrong thing. That’s why they need someone who can advocate for them at their job or help them with HR issues. Remember when that one guy that works for Google wrote that memo that everyone called sexist and literally ran them out of the tech industry, he has autism. They bullies some one with a disability. If he had down syndrome, there’s no way they would have vilified him the way they did. But because he looked and acted mostly normal, he got cast aside. I don’t want that for anyone. I don’t want them to feel useless. Again sorry for the long post but thanks for making it to the end.


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Sure, adult foster care/group home/assisted living facilities are pretty common. If you’re in the u.s, start with your state’s licensing requirements to open one.

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Ok that’s a great research point for me. How doable is the employment part? Like helping them get a coach for interview or just like be the go between a business and them. That way can skip the interview that they would have a hard time with and advocate on their abilities to do the job.