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I'm optimistically hoping that someone on this sub has worked on something similar. I own a post-production studio. It started small but now has 78 million subs and 4+ billion views across it's 80+ creators. Some of our creators have cultish followings and are the biggest on their respective continents. The cash flows are incredible as I operate on a 60% profit margin and when dealing with big clients, it's more risk management than video production.

Recently my developers created a fully functioning e-com t-shirt store and my top designers have been contributing to it. It looks phenomenal like everything else the studio produces.

How do I convince my creators to plug my e-com store while giving up the least equity? How do I track what sales each deal brings?

A little about me. I can sell sand to Arabs so no matter how ridiculously outrageous the plan is, my clients will hear me out. I have a data science specialization with a background in Finance/Math. Everyone who works for me is incredibly talented with serious work ethic which is really hard to find in the creative field.

How do I use my resources to give my clients more and get more in return?



to create the most outcome you'd have to add different people onto your team (and different 'departments') that can utilize your resources. I'd look into a consultant or business analyst, a good one in your specific industry (has done several similar improvements to similar companies) that can give you some insights as to what solid options/low hanging fruit to go after.

hawaiianryanree 1

I work in Influencer ecommerce, and represent a top 10 Twitch streamer.

If have a very clean answer to your question, but feel that its not really smart to post onto reddit.

But, the question you are asking is not only totally normal, but absolute standard practice.
It comes down to, how much of a team the network is,

How willing they are to push a group identity, as opposed to their own unique domain / merch.


And how straight forward / scalable the merchandise / ecommerce they are investing in.

If you'd like to open a chat, im more than happy to discuss this freely, but probably just best not on a subreddit :)


DM me if interested.