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by amiuscrowe. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    0    2

I am new here, so if this is not allowed here, i will delete it. Hello. Independent style movie theater in Georgia, Khashuri.  I am looking for person that wants to invest in this business. I sell 5% of my company shares for 1000 US dollars, with this example your potential revenue will be from 20 to 150 dollars, 5% of the profits. this is uncertain, this is risky, but eventually it will succeed and when business will grow, in let's say 4 years, that revenue might raise 10 times. But that is just words right now. That minimum will be guaranteed. I have posted this type of post on  local (my country's) sub and already have answered many questions, so if you are interested you can learn more about my business and myself through the link. If someone decides to invest 3500 dollars, i will give 20% to you, because that much will make our business ready to go, which will be amazing. Thank you for your attention.



sdouble 1

How much money are you putting into this?

  amiuscrowe 1

About 3000 dollars