Looking for feedback on a job board idea

by deejayjoon. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    3    10

Hi All,

Just joined and wanted to share a business idea I am working on for feedback from the group:

Imagine a job board that allows you to bump up your application if you include a 30 second video pitch.

Simply find a job you like, upload your resume and submit. You can then add a video pitch to enhance your application for a better chance at landing an interview.

Thanks and appreciate all feedback!


maskmind 1

Because of bias, I suspect that a video pitch can actually put some individuals at a disadvantage.

  deejayjoon 1

Yes agreed. My initial thought on this is as there is much access to a persons public profile on social media or linkedin, that bias would already exist.

The positive spin is companies would want to adopt this approach to display their fight on inherent bias.

maskmind 1

Ah, I see where you're going.

wackajala 1

Doesn’t monster.com and careerbuilder do some variation of this already?

  deejayjoon 1

Yeah, many of the job boards do have a variation on "including a video"

This idea is more "bump up your application IF you include a video"

wackajala 1

Fair point

giddygiddyupup 1

Good idea. Launching something like that successfully seems so daunting to me (which is why I’m not doing it!) good luck

  deejayjoon 1

haha, just in the idea phase and there will be a lot of iterations. One step at a time!

calemedia 1

I could see a lot of people being scared to make a video but I do like the idea of getting videos of the person I might hire

  deejayjoon 2

Thanks for the feedback. I thought that as well, but figured there was some acceleration in adoption due to Covid.