Looking for help with getting started building a team.

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This is a follow up to This Post.

>I have an idea for a product. I feel like this product would be a great starting point to building a company that is a positive to society.My problem is I am definitely more engineer, less business person, organizer, team builder.This has resulted in me having difficulty finding a path to success.

Here is the concept of the idea. I posted it on another site, and received a small about of positive feedback (so far 3 up-votes no down-votes, but no comments after 600 views). I have a skeleton of a solution for everything though I am certain there are improvements that others can make.

>So the concept is create a platform with tools to facilitate the creating of government policy documents, RFP, and other analogous bureaucratic functions.
>Key Features
>Robust Tool-set for the creation of documents
>Ability to link and incorporate external information
>Tool(s) to analyse the engagement/disengagement of various demographics in the process
>Designed to emphasize Cooperation, and re-engagement
>Tool(s) to facilitate reaching out to under represented demographics
>Tool(s) to facilitate promotion of the resultant output to appropriate government agents, and to the targeted culture
>The current most common practice of public engagement in governance happens after these documents are created. If we can move public engagement to before these documents are created we can both prevent corruption through policy manipulation, but we can increase engagement of the governance process to be more inclusive. A more inclusive society will be capable of greater achievements and prosperity, less inclined to disengage from governance and the forces of capitalism that drive wealth toward a more equal opportunity of outcome.

I can see a few monetization opportunities for this application beyond standard Social Media advertising. But I think the real money is in the application that I have an idea for that leverages the tools built here to improve government, in a way that could revolutionize product development. In addition the core tools developed for this can be leveraged heavily for other purposes.

I feel like the best way to do this is open source but I have no experience in starting an opensource project.

What I am really looking for right now is someone to partner up with me that has the business side down, has some experience or at least a belief in themselves that they can and a desire to try to recruit the right teams, and negotiate the deals to keep the project moving forward.

I am highly motivated and willing to learn and follow the lead of this person where we decide on a path forward.

So my ultimate question for you here right now is... How do I find that person? Or an alternate solution to a traditional startup path.


Fledgetech 1

Our company also started with a product idea and a technical founder (engineer), so I kind of get your situation. The difference here is we are working on hardware and our business model is B2C (direct to consumer), while yours is a digital solution, which if I understand correctly you will be selling to the Government? B2G. As engineers, it is very common to start with the product/solution space as we have the technical skills. I am of the opinion that as someone who built the solution, we have better understanding of the problems we are solving. So we should be the one selling the idea/product. Don't let anything stop you from trying to sell.

  KraevinMB 2

I suspect we could do some Ad monetization and I have some ideas on leveraging the technology here for use in the Project management aspect for a productivity package as well.

I think this is a Reddit analog a great part of the value of the product is the communities that get built as part of the operations. Tools that are semi useful at low scale become priceless at high scale(like a the entire reddit population).

Fledgetech 2

I know another local hardware startup who has done great stuff with their productivity management product. Their intense focus on the usability aspect rewarded them with as far as getting their product trialled by big corporates (probably charged at cost or free). Then from that point selling becomes a lot easier as they have proved their value proposition.

I am actually new to Reddit so I dont yet fully understand the analogy you gave above. As far as Ad monetisation model is concerned, I think you just have to be extra attentive where you place these ads in your product so as not to turn off the users or even erode their productivity. But then you have to experiment directly on this matter, just like the big Tech giants do all day... On users.

I found when starting up, focus is really important. Build small, verify and iterate would be the best way forward to avoid scope creep. Which engineers absolutely prone to (i am included). You seem to know where you are heading, so best of luck out there. Hope you find that soulmate for your business soon. Off to finding mine now.

  KraevinMB 1

Yeah i think scope creep is a huge part of my problem because i think the idea has a huge amount of potential for being applied in other products.

Thank you for your comment!