Looking to sell my shares in an LLC i started but don’t know where to start

by drewj2002. Posted on Sep 15, 2020    1    9

Back in 2018 I started an LLC with my friend and I’m looking to sell 30% of my shares in the company but I have no clue where to go to sell them. We’re a social media networking company that also manages premium models and right now we have 2.5 million + followers on Instagram and 600 thousand subscribers on YouTube. We are expecting to make 100k by the end of this year and are hoping to double it by the end of next year.


pandasurf8 1

Find a business broker on beaze.io, you might have to pay a commission to the broker but if you can justify those shares are worth something, some return is better than no return.

  drewj2002 1

Ima look Into it thank you!

FreeGFabs 1

What does it say in your operating agreement about selling portions of your share?

Yerabc1 1

Why you want to sell it?

  drewj2002 1

I could really use the money and me and my partner got into a disagreement

booyakasha1989 2

30% of 100K is 30k... you would have 20k invested still work 40K in 2 years. What about taking the time to work things out with your partner, push the business even further and owners draw. 60K in 2 years and keep pushing?

  drewj2002 1

Since we’re a new company most of the money we make doesn’t go back to me, I invest it back into the company and into the models I’m managing. We’re kind of taking amazons approach of growing as big as we can without that much profit since our models make money off subscriptions and it been working considering we started near the end of 2018. But something came up in my family and I could really use the money now and would rather just figure something else out in the long term

booyakasha1989 2

What are your business costs running a business like this? Paying the models on the platform? Wouldnt they get scale, and you are essentially managing them?

  drewj2002 1

We don’t pay them anything. So what we do is promote them on our existing platforms and occasionally pay for promos from other pages to promote them. We get 40% of what they make tho. If you ever heard of onlyfans, we’re a company very similar to them. But all together it’s usually the more you put into your models the more you earn but the problem is finding a model who posts good content and is also consistent with her posting which most models aren’t.