Making a small business, need tips.

by whehehehhs. Posted on Sep 10, 2020    2    6

Hello, I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

I’m starting an e-commerce business with my friend, it’s small scale for now.

We’re using square space as my website to sell stuff on it.

The suppliers that we will be in contact with are going to be from Alibaba, that’s going to be our go to website to buy from.

We are planning on dropshipping but I don’t know what’s more profitable, doing that or getting the items ourselves and shipping them.

When I’m putting orders in Alibaba, can I put different addresses? For example: like 10 orders in the cart to different addresses, or that can be only be done by one item one address and do the same for the others.

We are making a Facebook and instagram accounts to put ads on there. If you have any other better websites/social media platforms to advertise on, please do tell.

I think that’s all, if not, I’ll be grateful if you have anymore tips tell us.

Thanks for reading and hopefully replying :)


igordimitriev 1

If you need new and loyal clients contact me.

whynotfart 1

I decided to start a dropshipping Shopify online store too.

However, after watching lots of Youtube tutorials, doing product research and niche research and analysing the existing Shopify stores, I think teaching people to do dropshipping can be more profitable and easier to succeed.

JUO2A5 1

Don't do it. Shipping times has increased and looks like it will be increasing. What's the point if the person sees that he will need to wait 2-3 months if he could get it Ali himself.

Rather than that find factory who is making an item and sell that. Probably you will get a better price than those Ali websites and most importantly a time of order reduced by months :D

imdineshprem12 1

It’s cost effective to dropship, so you don’t have to maintain the inventory and fulfilment.

Yes, alibaba can send orders to different address. There’s an app I shopify called Oberlo which can help. But doubt they’ve one for SquareSpace.

  whehehehhs 1

So you would think that Shopify is more beneficial than squarespace?

imdineshprem12 1

Yes 💪🏾