Managing 3 social media influencers with a total following of 2 million.

by sak3th. Posted on Sep 17, 2020    1    11

So I am currently in high school. And I got permission from 3 tik tokers (700k, 800k and 400k followers) to be their “manager”. I said I could try to get like modeling gigs or generally something. I told them I would do it for free, which I don’t mind because I value the experience and it can be used for college apps. Also I need to show something that I can offer. I mentioned to them that there was no guarantee and that I would try my hardest. So, do you guys have any idea on how I should start this. What opportunities can I help these influencers get?


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I'm willing to pay for social media influencers to advertise for me, our company hasn't made a tiktok yet lol, but yeah if you like the site then email me at with what you're trying to set them up with

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Same here ->
It is used at universities. Might be an appropriate campaign to target students as well as profs. Email ->

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there is a whole bunch of websites you can sign up to get offers for shout outs, modelling gigs etc. Like etc The first step should be a sign up to all of those.

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There are website where you can promote influencers and brands connect with them there. Find all of them and post everything you can to try to get some brands to connect. That's a start.

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Out of interest, how did you get in contact with the influencers ?

I am experienced with instagram, but got no idea about TikTok

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I’ve new one personally already and branched out.

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Well, starting off by doing posts like this is def a good start. People (including myself) will be interested to see what type of sponsorship might make sense for their company and the tiktoker's accounts.

My advice would be to start slow and small to gauge how everything will work for a certain type of product. From a company's perspective I am trying to see what the possible return will be on any given ad based on the type of product, offer and audience combo.

Showcasing this to brands and eventually other tiktoker clinets you'll be able to scale this and train others on what you have learned etc etc. This is very interesting, I'd be happy to talk with you about this further. Best of luck!

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interesting thanks for the tip. I will likely follow it

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I’m interested! I sell tee shirts and would love to have some influencers try them on and give some shout outs. Pm in interested.

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I manage influencers for a living. I can feeed you some deals and cool opportunities for them. I got you bro dm me