MANGO wholesale director talks about his business strategies!

by Klaudia-SFE. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    2    1

Marc Fenollosa (Mango Fashion Wholesale Director) talks about the wholesale business, going online, covid effects and more. Select the timestamp you want to watch!

00:00 - Introduction & Daily Responsibilities in Wholesale Businesses

08:51 - How to Manage Online & Offline Franchise Stores

13:04 - How did COVID-19 affect the fashion business, personal life, and Barcelona?

26:50 - Biggest Learning Lessons during Mango

39:23 - Getting Hired to Work with BlueStar Company

45:27 - Fast Fashion Companies vs. Normal Fashion Companies

57:56 - Moving to Argentina Working with BlueStar Company

1:07:18 - Managing a Team and Failing in Leadership

1:18:10 - Going Back to Mango

1:22:40 - How to Structure Your Team and Make Them Happy?

1:32:17 - Shift and Changes in Mango’s Company Culture, Adapting to The New Position

1:43:20 - Adapting to New Standards and Technology - Productive Remote Working

1:58:40 - Biggest Learning Lessons Throughout the Entire Career & Book Recommendations


J0ellee 2

As I want to have a team myself in the future, this podcast helped a lot with do's and don'ts. thanks.