May I get your opinions on where and how I can market my art?

by Happlestance. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    2    10

I'm including some links to examples of some things I've done. I've been playing around with placing them onto different POD sites and applying the designs to various products. I'd love some input on where and how I can find my audience. I appreciate any advice!



Advertising, aka real money ads, pay influencer's.

Your not gonna sell anything if you don't invest in ads.

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That's bullshit

laragrauer 2

The site below was a good one in the past - I haven’t spent much time there in the last few years, but it was all about building a following and selling to your fans. There are courses offered, and I’m sure still plenty of free content.

the abundant artist

kippypapa 2

Threadless, Design by Humans and all the other T-shirt printing places that take artists' submissions. It costs you nothing, they do al the printing and when a design is sold, they pay you.

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Post here on Reddit in different sub 5hat allow it. For real though, get on Tiktok if it doesnt get banned this week. You can make videos talking about your art, doing your art, what inspires you ect. People want to connect with an artist and you can get a lot of engagement on Tiktok.

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Is there a demand for it ?

  Happlestance 2

Yes, I'd like to gauge how much. I've done some commissions. I'm trying to find good ways to find my target market.

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normally people pay more for art once the artist is dead so maybe try faking your death?

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It's the right year for it!

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if you make an art price dedicated to me i’ll say something nice at your fake funeral