Measurable Objectives in Highly Inconsistant Positions

by Bastyra. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    2

Good Evening All,

I work for a manufacturing company that is implementing a Management by Objectives program to help navigate through a quarterly bonus program. Basically there's 3 category's of objectives with different weights; Company Wide (60%), Team/Departmental (10%), and Individual goals (30%).

The main issue I have with this currently is that my department (Maintenance) has no real consistent means to measure goals. The work varies every single day, there are very few jobs that have apple to apple comparisons. We have a few items like a preventative maintenance checklist that needs to be completed every week, with different stuff every week being on the list.

Has anybody else had to deal with trying to measure metrics on a super malleable work center? I'm afraid that if I set anything too specific or broad that i will be hampering my guys from a bonus every quarter. I really feel like i'm trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Any help would be greatly appreciated!