Mentee/Mentorship Opportunities?

by leemacd. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    3    2

Has anybody heard of a platform where you can connect with people looking to mentor younger entrepreneurs?

Background: I'm a young-ish entrepreneur looking to connect with more experienced entrepreneurs. Doesn't necessarily have to be a "mentor" but someone who's intelligent to bounce ideas off of/talk about tech, etc.

Open to anything! Thanks!


Great_Breakfast9312 2

Hi, I don't know any platforms like that but I do know that some companies out there council entrepreneurs and help along the way. You can check this one up .

AdamKyleWilson 2

LinkedIn has a mentorship program that is actually quite good. I’ve received messages from at least a dozen young entrepreneurs and designers (I’m a product designer and founder) and been able to help them with their early stage issues.

Tip: I advise any young entrepreneur I meet to spend more time on LinkedIn than any other social network. Unless you’re some kind of influencer it’s the only network that can actually impact your net worth over time while you expand your business network.