Moving business abroad to get cheaper international shipping. Where is the best place?

by scienceflix. Posted on Sep 13, 2020    2    14

For context: Im from Switzerland and shipping an item across town is 7 CHF (7 USD). Shipping internationally is stupendously expensive. What countries offer cheap international shipping?


hawaiianryanree 1

Logistics is dependent on:


- Where the items are coming from / what are they? Are they stocked in Switzlerand, or being produced elsewhere and shipped to Switzerland? Is it generic, or specialised? IE, you maybe can save 30% on shipping. BUt if you have to pay another shipment, 100%, to another country, not worth. Size / weight / timings make a huge impact.

- Where are they going to?

But the general breakdown is:

- Private Courier's,


- Post office network.


The cheapest is the Post office networks. Goes through your local gov't postal service. There is a global group, organised between gov'ts to agree on a global logistics connection.

Say from US, for example, itll go through USPS, then handed off to your local Swiss gov't postal, to make the final leg of the delivery.


Cheapest option, is the only plus. The cons are: - Weird / unreliable tracking, and takes like 2-3 weeks. Sometimes longer. Companies: Ascendia, Global Mail, etc.


Parcel services, are tracked through and through / much quicker to deliver. Even as quick as overnight / 2-3 days.

However, its just much more expensive..... Companies: DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, etc...

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In Europe Poland is cheap & within the EU. I shipped a 16kg parcel from Poland to UK for £36, that was at the regular post office too. I think Slovenia was cheap too, not far from Switzerland.

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Thats really interesting and I didnt think of that. Thank you!

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Can you get a working visa for the EU? I'd be interested to know as I'll be in same situation in the new year...

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I genuinely dont know. Haven't looked into visas yet and am not informed

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So you're looking for an intermediary country to accept shipments from China and ship to Switzerland? Sorry, can't help you here. You may want to ask some intl shipping companies.

Saruvat 1

? Where are your products manufactured? Are you looking to relocate your whole supply chain?

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Manufactured in China. I am not looking to relocat the whole supply chain.

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Have you considered India as an option?

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This honestly seems weird. I would imagine that international shipping has nothing to do with a state you are in but with the logistics of the company you are working with. Have you tried any international players in your country?

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Im from Switzerland and want to start a niche clothing business, where I screen print the clothes myself etc. International shipping here is expensive as F and theres nothing you can do about that. It literally costs me 100 times as much for shipping to buy from a swiss company than to buy from China. Im imagining that moving to a place in Asia where international shipping is pretty much free would be a huge plus for my business.

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China I guess


China. I don’t know if any European nations are on this list however, for the moment, international mail sent from China is heavily subsidised by the UN (Universal Postage Union).

Until recently I was a tea importer and obviously did a lot of business in Asia. While freight costs are broadly universal - depending on scale, volume etc - for sending individual packages I don’t know anywhere cheaper than China. You can have small parcels sent internationally, and tracked, for cheaper than sending a letter in the UK.

Obviously you have to move to China however, I’m sure you could outsource everything to companies in China, you would just need to be diligent on QC.

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Great, helpful comment. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this comment, I truly appreciate it.