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I’m interested in starting a business which will own multiple brands. The issue is i have no idea how to structure this concept.

For example let’s use which operates in LA. I came across their business model on YouTube and liked how they partner with influencers to create brands.

Now upon doing some research the brands that are created are owned by the influencers on the companies house UK mainly, and Genflow isn’t a shareholder.

Which is now confusing me has they claim that they partner and own the brands with the influencers.

Can anyone help me unravel this mystery and so i can come up with a good model for my business startup.

Thank you


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I'm a brand development expert. If you PM me more details about what you have in mind, I'd be glad to help.

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Hey thanks for the reply. I’ll PM you.

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Typically you create a corporation then have multiple llc's underneath it. Like LVMH then have Fendi and Louis Vuitton. some influencers just get paid and others take equity in the business they're promoting.

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Thanks i’ll have a look at LVMH