My 5 year old started her own business today. Show her some love!

by killerbutterfly22. Posted on Sep 11, 2020    0    7

She asked for money in exchange for doing chores. I told her “nope. You live here, you’re responsible for keeping this house nice. You don’t get paid for doing your part. Let’s talk about other ways you can make money.” Once she pays back the initial $60 loan to Bank of Mom the profit will be hers. She’s saving for a doll she really wants. Hopefully she will invest in growing her business too!


AsuDevil28 1

Wow awesome job Mom and your daughter is INCREDIBLE. Love seeing this and pointing my own 4 year old in this direction for a year and it can be very fun and educational at the same time

HNA001 2

This is really awesome and adorable!

Piccoleti 2

Way to go girl!

hayseed_byte 3

My neice has a birthday coming up so I ordered one for her. That video was adorable.

  killerbutterfly22 4

Thanks! She will be so excited in the morning when she wakes up!

hayseed_byte 3

You should cross post this to r/etsy and r/etsysellers

  killerbutterfly22 3

Thanks for the tip. I will!